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Admissions Software and Applications

Service Description

UNC-Chapel Hill uses Slate as its primary university admissions platform. Slate manages online applications for admission to the University, facilitates the reading and review of applications, and organizes admissions-related events for UNC-Chapel Hill.


UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff, applicants to various schools and units for admission.

Service Provisioning

Requests for access to Slate are managed through the Access Request System, working with the Access Request Coordinator. Access is granted after the individual has completed the:

  • Terms of Use agreement
  • FERPA training
Supported Environment/Services

To access Slate, users need an Internet browser and are required to use EDUROAM wireless access or a wired network connection. Off campus, they need to use VPN to provide a secure connection. Information on accessing Slate securely is provided here:

Admissions services are supported by budgetary allocations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no charge to students, faculty and staff, schools or divisions to use the applications (an exception is where a school or unit opts to maintain their data in a separate Slate environment, which incurs an additional cost charged to that school or unit).