Active Directory (AD)

Service Description

ITS provides and administrates the infrastructure for the AD.UNC.EDU Active Directory. This service includes hosting the AD.UNC.EDU domain controller servers, life cycling those servers, maintaining the domain root level directory structure, and managing any servers hosting/supporting Active Directory Services. ITS provides backup, restore, as well as disaster recovery planning for this infrastructure to maintain this service. ITS will manage, approve, and perform changes to the Active Directory schema. We will provide dynamic DNS name registration for AD.UNC.EDU.

    In addition to these functions we will provide the following:

  • ITS will monitor the Active Directory domain controllers and related servers for availability and optimal performance.
  • ITS will maintain a test environment for development and testing purposes.
  • ITS will provide consulting and best practices for using and migrating to the domain. See AD Admin Manual for additional information.
  • ITS will follow best practices to ensure compliance with UNC-CH IT security standards. See UNC-CH IT Security Standards for additional information.

ITS Windows Domain Services are available to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, students, retirees, contractors, distance learners, visiting scholars and others who require UNC-Chapel Hill resources to work in conjunction with UNC-Chapel Hill as provisioned by departmental service administrators (OU Admins).

Service Provisioning

Remedy request via ITS-HELP (

Supported Environment/Services

Native support for Windows and Mac clients.
Off campus access requires VPN.

No cost to customers.