ResNET provides on-site IT support, education and the technology infrastructure for the UNC-Chapel Hill residential communities. The ResNET staff is committed to enhancing the intellectual environment to support the University’s vision.

ResNET Offers… 
  • Residential technology programs
  • Information technology support
  • Residence hall high-speed wired and Wi-Fi network access
  • HDTVs, gaming and multimedia equipment for group work, presentations and entertainment
  • CCI print station support
  • IT career opportunities
  • Housing Staff and RHA Resources
ResNET Service Goals
  • To achieve 90 percent or higher customer satisfaction.
  • To contact all customers within 24 hours of a Request for Help Ticket being created.
  • To solve all assigned tickets on the first visit.

ResNET works closely with Housing, the Residence Hall Association and ITS, to ensure that the needs of all on-campus residents are met. ResNET is a service of ITS User Support & Engagement.

Technology Assistance at Housing Events

Please submit any questions or booking requests for technology assistance via an IT support ticket. If you are an RA or student representative of RHA, please keep in mind that we will loop in your community’s CD about planning.

  • Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the event
  • A full-time Housing staff member must give approval during the planning process.

Digital Signage

Locations: Visit our Digital Publicity Page to view current content on any of the digital signs throughout campus.

Terms of Use: Before submitting content to be displayed on a ResNET digital sign, please be sure to do the following:


Add or Remove an Employee

This is used by Full-Time Housing Staff and the Community Manager only to grant access to new employees and off-board former employees. Please follow these steps once logged in:

  • Type ‘Housing’ or ‘ResNET’ in search
  • Choose ‘ResNET Housing Support’
  • Choose the appropriate selection.

Once the service request has been submitted, ResNET staff will work to add them to the appropriate access groups.

Find ResNET Staff

 Alderman, Aycock, Cobb, Everett, Graham, Grimes, Kenan, Lewis, Mangum, Manly, McIver, Old East, Old West, Ruffin, Spencer, Stacy

Senior RCC – Hunter Jamison – 646 Morrison

 Alexander, Avery, Carmichael, Connor, Joyner, Parker, Teague, Winston

Senior RCC – Kevin Lane – 229 Carmichael

 Baity Hill, Ehringhaus, Hinton James, Horton, Koury, Ram Village 5, Taylor

Senior RCC – Rachel Starr – 5407 Ram Village 5

 Craige, Craige North, Hardin, Morrison, Ram Village 1, Ram Village 2, Ram Village 3

Senior RCC – Kalleen Kelley – 1108 Ram Village 1

ResNET Employment Opportunities

ResNET employs 50 students across campus dedicated to providing reliable on-site IT support, education and delivering new technologies, to the UNC-Chapel Hill residential community. The ResNET staff is committed to enhancing the intellectual environment to support the University’s vision.

Discover what ResNET has to offer – a breadth of leadership and technical opportunities, and a great compensation package. We’ve created a work environment designed to provide our employees the freedom and support they need to achieve great things for their future.

ResNET is not currently hiring. Please check back in October for the 2020-2021 application.

We believe that working for ResNET offers many benefits to its student employees. These days, Information Technology is integrated with most households and all successful businesses. ResNET offers student staff the ability to leave the program with a strong knowledge of computing technologies and their uses. In addition to technical support and troubleshooting skills, employees learn many additional skills that translate into any field of work:

  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Developing monthly reports
  • Training peers
  • Working within a defined workflow

We are committed to rewarding, developing and retaining talent and we’ll share the responsibility for your career development with you. There will always be a range of resources available to you and the ResNET Management Team to help you determine and meet your development needs.

Technical Growth

As an RCC you will be given opportunities to develop your technical skills. These technical skills are essential to any career after college. Here’s a list of just some of the areas of technicalogy that you will be exposed to:

  • Computer operating systems (Windows, Mac)
  • Educational software application
  • Malware removal
  • Printer functionality
  • Multimedia
  • Digital marketing
  • Technical writing
  • Gaming technology

Leadership Opportunities

We promote and encourage the development of leadership skills through the ResNET job experience. As an RCC, you will be given opportunities in many areas to collaborate, research, and learn with staff from ITS, Department of Housing, and various student organizations on campus.

Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs) are required to live in specific on-campus ResNET reserved rooms during their tenure. All reserved rooms are air-conditioned and they are typically the more ideal rooms in each building.


Based on population and support needs, RCCs are strategically placed throughout campus so that the highest level of customer service is provided to the residents. We may have less flexibility regarding hiring students who are unwilling to move. Candidates will be given an opportunity to submit preferences, but they are, in no way, guaranteed their top choices.

This process of housing placement is a complicated one that takes many factors into consideration. Current RCCs get first pick with Housing assignments. As a result, high-demand buildings like Ram Village are filled by returning staff as opposed to new hires.


For compensation, RCCs’ housing fees are waived at the regular undergraduate hall rate.

Hiring is done on a semester-by-semester basis. We only hire and train new staff for the fall for both fall and spring semesters. The limited positions for the summer sessions are filled by returning RCCs only.

Check back here in October, 2019 for the application for 2020-2021.

  1. If you find that the RCC position interests you and matches your skills, knowledge and experience, then submit your application before the deadline.
  2. After you log in, verify that the application is for the semester you are interested in working. It should indicate this at the top of the page.
  3. Add your personal information, résumé, and complete all the other requested fields. You can view and edit your application up to the deadline.
  4. After submitting your application, we will let you know by an on-screen message that it has safely been submitted.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation that your application arrived in the recruiter’s system within several days after the application deadline.
  6. The recruiter reviews your application. If your résumé matches the requirements of the job, they’ll forward your résumé on to the management team.
  7. The management team reviews applications from all of the suitable candidates, and selects whom to invite for an interview.
  8. You will be contacted only if you are granted an interview, usually by email. You will be sent a URL to sign up for an interview time.
  9. Following the interviews, the ResNET management team meets to evaluate all candidates against the job requirements. The ResNET management team selects the most suitable candidates for the vacant positions.
  10. If you are selected, the ResNET management team will offer you a position and assign you to a residence hall. The housing assignment is non-negotiable.
  11. If you accept, you will be sent a follow-up confirmation, in which we’ll explain the next steps including the pre-employment orientation process.