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Service Profile

Managed Desktop Services provides professional, efficient, customer-centered remote and onsite IT support with an emphasis on security and reliability.

Leveraging a managed service model allows an agile enterprise-level technology support experience while minimizing departmental overhead expenses. As your technical service provider, all aspects of your desktop and user-centered computing support for faculty, staff and administrators is our priority. Within this scope, MDS not only provides ‘fixers’ for technical support needs; we provide consultative services to aid your use and adoption of both existing and new technologies to best suit your organizational goals.

Ultimately, we want our customers to be successful. We will work hard to eliminate obstacles in a friendly, efficient, dependable manner every day while providing a secure and productive computing environment for your department.

What We Do

MDS offers a best-fit service model based on your unique organizational needs. With contact channels which include phone, chat, remote and deskside support, we ensure that the right people with the right skills are available as needs arise. Utilizing the UNC Service Desk for your first level technical issues, MDS can focus our team on more complex issues which might be unique to your department.

How We Do It

MDS operates on a per-device cost recovery model based on the configuration specification for each managed device. When you come on board with MDS, we will undertake a thorough inventory and device assessment for your department, reviewing the results with you in detail. Reviewed annually at agreement renewal, this assessment is the primary factor determining your rate for MDS support.

All support issues will be recorded and documented in an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, ensuring traceability and structured issue management. Our ITSM practices provide for support continuity across our team for your organization.  Any member of our team is well positioned to pick up an open issue and proceed with resolution, irrespective of who may have performed work on the issue previously.

Behind the scenes, MDS staff are actively monitoring each of your computing devices for operational health, proactively addressing technical problems before they become active problems for you. In addition, we provide operating system and application patching, upgrades when available and routine preventive maintenance procedures.

Our goal is to keep your departmental systems up and running as smoothly as possible with as little interruption as possible. We do this utilizing remote support tools at every opportunity to reduce your lost productivity and wait time for us to travel onsite.  Our onsite support will be enhanced and more productive. We expect to be onsite as needed as well as keeping a regular schedule for drop-in support, addressing issues not reported and answering quick how-to questions from your staff.

Who We Are

MDS has a team of experienced, reliable technical professionals supporting your program. We provide continual training opportunities for the team to stay in step with technology today while also keeping pace with the up and coming technologies as they evolve.

Devices Under Management

MDS will support all of your devices as identified and agreed in our support agreement, subject to review annually. New devices added in your department over the course of the year will be included in your existing agreement at no additional charge. New devices will be included at the next renewal date, as well as the removal of devices no longer in use in your department.

Our contract is for complete department enrollments only; we do not contract with individual staff within a department for device support. MDS support is limited to UNC-owned equipment only.

Devices under management are classified by configurations identified by their support-level requirements (some systems require more resources to sustain than others). The fees assessed for each classification are determined using the rate review process of the Interdepartmental Fee and Charges Committee. The fees noted below are an annual, per device charge, invoiced at the beginning of each fiscal year. Customers initiating MDS agreements in months other than June/July will be invoiced at pro-rated fees for the length of the service period until the next fiscal year begins.

Devices are defined as UNC-owned computing devices and can include desktop, laptop and tablet computing devices running a standard Windows, Mac OS or IOS environment. Servers and server operating systems are excluded from MDS support.

Peripheral devices, those connected to managed devices by direct cable or wireless connection will be assessed at initial device identification. Connected printers, cameras, scanners and other peripherals may be included in your support agreement at the approved Interdepartmental Fee of $48/hour, billed in 30 minute increments and invoiced separately at the time of service.

Computer Configuration Rate Description
Standard $300 per year All computers are considered “Standard” unless they meet the criteria for another category of computer configuration.
Complex $350 per year

A computer is considered a “Complex” configuration if any of the following are true:

  • Non-MDS staff require root or administrator level access;
  • the computer is using an operating system older than Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.6;
  • the computer hardware is 4 years old or older;
  • complex, non-standard applications are used (e.g. SAS, SPSS, Matlab, ArcGIS, MS Visio, MS Project, custom applications);
  • the use of the computer requires regular depth scans for security vulnerability assessment and remediation.
Manually Managed $425 per year

A computer is considered a manually managed configuration if MDS staff cannot manage the computer using our system management tools (e.g. SCCM, Jamf Pro) or the device is prohibited from utilizing remote tools for management and support, at the Department’s direction.  These computers will be updated and patched manually be a technician once per quarter and as required for significant security vulnerabilities.

Users must not access sensitive information on a manually managed computer configuration.  If sensitive information is accessed on a computer, system management tools will be used to secure the device, designating it a ‘Complex” configuration.

Consultations, IT projects and device support not covered under the MDS SLA $48 per hour Additional support services not covered under the Managed Desktop Services Service Level Agreement will be billed at the approved hourly rate. These can include IT projects, consultation for other IT needs, vendor support, website creation/updates, event support and periphery devices. Printers not managed by Carolina Managed Print Services and other periphery devices will be supported to the connection to an MDS managed device only. Support for device-specific software and device malfunction will be assessed and billed at the approved hourly rate.

Guiding Principles

We want you to have the best possible support experience available. As your support provider, we operate under these guiding principles to that end.

  • We will work collaboratively, express ourselves clearly and without ambiguity.
  • We will communicate openly and often to ensure mutual understanding of the issue at hand, confirming expectations as appropriate.
  • We will allocate and deploy resources most appropriate to your support request, to resolve your issue expeditiously and with minimal impact to your productivity.
  • We will meet your needs, not just satisfy your requirements.
  • We will respect your time, privacy and workspace.

As our customer, you will:

  • Initiate support requests using one of the identified options defined in our service level agreement;
  • respond to MDS staff inquiries in a professional and timely manner;
  • provide MDS staff with physical access to the supported equipment;
  • communicate openly, providing honest and timely feedback about your service experience; and
  • comply with all software licensing requirements and applicable UNC policies, procedures and guidelines.

What Can You Expect?

We have designed the managed desktop service with your needs in mind. Changes happen. As a Managed Desktop Services customer, we will:

  •  deliver a dynamic support experience adaptive to your organizational needs at any point in time;
  •  regularly attend your departmental staff meetings to share ITS news and broaden our understanding of your business needs; and
  •  conduct quarterly service reviews to share MDS performance metrics, feedback, staff changes, and activity summaries.

Administrative Elements

Service level reporting is available to MDS customers as part of our ongoing service performance reviews (timeframe is determined/defined in MDS/customer agreement).
Service escalation processes are defined in the MDS/customer agreement.
Service Level Agreement change process is defined in the MDS/customer agreement.

Out of Scope

Out of scope services could be related to infrastructure, networking (behind the wall), Campus Managed Print Services, personally-owned devices and telephony;
Equipment not purchased or provisioned by UNC;
Devices not under management by Managed Desktop Services;
Negotiating or servicing third-party or vendor contracts for services.