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ITS Research Computing provides Oracle database servers and professional database administration services for research projects at UNC-Chapel Hill. Development, test and production databases are available. All Oracle databases reside on Oracle Database Appliance (ODAs) servers.

Research Computing Linux database servers, were successfully upgraded from “Oracle v11.2.0.4” to “Oracle v12.1.0.2” and migrated from Linux hardware to Oracle Database Appliance (ODAs) servers running Oracle 12 binaries. The ODA is an Oracle Engineered System (X6-2L) for Oracle Databases. The ODA consists of 20 cores and 525 GB of RAM. The hardware and software are supported by Oracle.

The ITS Research Computing database administrator applies updates and patches to the Oracle environment as Database Bundle Patches (DBBP) are made available by Oracle.

Hours of Availability

Development, test, and production Oracle databases hosted by ITS Research Computing are typically available 24×7 other than during planned maintenance periods or unanticipated emergencies (such as loss of commercial power to the data center).

Operating system updates, server, and database maintenance require scheduled down times. Customer notification provided two weeks prior to scheduled maintenance.

System Maintenance Guidelines

Scheduled maintenance is announced two weeks in advance with a Change Notice.

Unscheduled maintenance may involve little or no advance notice depending on the nature of the problem. An Emergency or Follow-up Change Notice issued as soon as possible.

Customer Responsibilities

Responsible and appropriate use of the database resources needed for research. Customers who need to work with sensitive data should contact ITS Research Computing to discuss their needs and requirements prior to using these services.