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  • SPONSOR(S):  Ethan Kromhout
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Information Security and Identity Management
  • TECHNICAL LEAD:  Celeste Copeland
  • PROJECT MANAGER:  Bianca Bonds
  • CHANGE MANAGER:  Rachel Lillis
  • STATUS: In Progress
  • Project Theme: Serving Our Communities

UNC-Chapel Hill is moving towards passwordless logins with a new option called Carolina Key. Carolina Key represents several different methods of authenticating logins for faculty, staff and students. When used along with individuals’ Onyen, Carolina Key improves security by eliminating the need to use a password.

Update – September 2022

Carolina Key Phase 2 Rollout to Students

ITS is planning to roll out Carolina Key to all students in November. Students can log into SSO web-based applications using the methods they use to log in to their laptop or phone (Face ID, Fingerprint, etc.,). This requires changing the way SSO works. Registered users will need to enter their Onyen first, and then use their passwordless authentication. This will log them into the application automatically. Non-registered users can enter their password and then log into the application.


Project Website for Carolina Key Passwordless Login