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  • Canvas Spring 2023

    UPDATE (February 7, 2023) After a successful Fall 2022 semester, the Canvas rollout continues for Spring 2023. All UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, students and staff have access to Canvas. Guest accounts may be requested for non-affiliated participants. All official SP23 Registrar courses and rosters are available in Canvas automatically. Course content was migrated from SP22 Sakai sites to Canvas archive sites. Instructors may opt to build sites from scratch, import material from archive sites, or continue… Read More about Canvas Spring 2023.

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  • Carolina Key Passwordless Login

    UNC-Chapel Hill is moving towards passwordless logins with a new option called Carolina Key. Carolina Key represents several different methods of authenticating logins for faculty, staff and students. When used along with individuals’ Onyen, Carolina Key improves security by eliminating the need to use a password. Update – September 2022 Carolina Key Phase 2 Rollout to Students ITS is planning to roll out Carolina Key to all students in November. Students can log into SSO… Read More about Carolina Key Passwordless Login.

    Active, Key Project
  • New and Enhanced Phone Services

    The University’s phone service is moving from Verizon to AT&T. When the University’s contract ends in 2023, Verizon is discontinuing the service we use. We now have the opportunity to evaluate other providers, save money and provide additional features that support mobile and remote work settings. The move affects all campus phone lines, such as fax lines, conference room phones and main lines.  

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  • Secure Research Space (SRW)

    The project goal is to establish a new Secure Research Workspace (SRW) that 1) meets or surpasses the evolving NIST 800-53 Moderate* compliance specifications, and 2) is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of research project teams. The SRW is a secure virtual desktop for collaboration and storing sensitive information related to research studies, for example, patient or clinical trial data. * NIST 800-53 Moderate is a document describing United States federal government computer security… Read More about Secure Research Space (SRW).

    Active, Key Project
  • Set Up Service Desk Location at Student Union

    Build and set up a new Service Desk at the Student Union building. The plan is to open this new location during the Spring 2023 semester.

    Active, Key Project
  • TIM System Update

    All employees at the University use TIM (Time Information Management), the University’s time reporting and accruals system, making it the most widely used administrative system at the University. TIM is the University’s branding for a product called “Workforce Central,” which is made by the company UKG. Workforce Central is approaching end-of-life and needs to be replaced. The TIM System Update project will replace Workforce Central with another product by UKG called “Data Dimensions,” which has… Read More about TIM System Update.

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