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  • Canvas

    What is it? UNC is transitioning from Sakai to Canvas, a web-based learning management system. Institutions of higher education, including some other UNC System schools, use Canvas by Instructure more than any other learning management system. Sakai will be available for teaching courses until the end of Spring 2024. Why are we doing it? While Sakai has worked well for the University, the number of educational institutions that make up the Sakai community has significantly… Read More about Canvas.

    Active, Key Project
  • Duo Universal Prompt Readiness Project

    What are we going to do? Duo is ending support for the Traditional Prompt on March 30, 2024. This project is focused on updating the UNC applications impacted by this change by moving to Duo’s Universal Prompt or alternate solution. Why are we doing it? This project is crucial as individuals may be unable to use some applications and services where Duo is used as the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tool potentially impacting their daily work,… Read More about Duo Universal Prompt Readiness Project.

    Active, Key Project
  • Faculty Workload Policy

    What is it?  ITS is working with IT leaders across the campus to create a process and mechanism for collecting and reporting faculty workload data. All applicable schools will collect and submit workload activity for their faculty members to ITS. Some schools already collect the required information and other schools will need to develop processes and tools to start collecting the data. ITS will aggregate the data and submit it to the Provost’s Office for… Read More about Faculty Workload Policy.

    Active, Key Project
  • Secure Research Space (SRW)

    What is it? The Secure Research Workspace is a secure virtual desktop for collaboration and storing sensitive information related to research studies, like patient or clinical trial data. The goal of this project is to establish a re-imagined and successful version of the Secure Research Workspace (SRW). The project will include a 3rd party assessment of the existing platform, a new infrastructure design, as well as a new compliance package, and 3rd party assessment of… Read More about Secure Research Space (SRW).

    Active, Key Project
  • Service Desk Location at Student Union

    What is it?   Establish a secondary ITS Service Desk walk-in location in the Student Union. The showcase space will be designed with a focus on the student experience that allows ITS to better serve our student community.   Why are we doing it?   The second location provides more flexibility for the walk-in services, better visibility for the service desk staff, and a business backup/overflow location for the ITS Service Desk.    How does this impact our UNC… Read More about Service Desk Location at Student Union.

    Completed, Key Project
  • TIM System Update

    What is it? We are updating the University’s time reporting and accruals system, TIM (Time Information Management). TIM is the University’s branding for “Workforce Central,” a product made by the company UKG. The TIM System Update project will replace Workforce Central with “Data Dimensions,” another product by UKG with similar or better features. Why are we doing it? UKG is ending support for the Workforce Central product. The vendor is providing support to UNC to… Read More about TIM System Update.

    Active, Key Project
  • UNC Customer Support Tool – Implement TeamDynamix & Close ServiceNow Contract

    What is it? UNC has selected a new Customer Support Tool to replace ServiceNow.  This phase of the project will include implementing TeamDynamix and closing out the ServiceNow platform and contract.  Why are we doing it? The current ITS contract with ServiceNow expires in September 2024.  During the RFP phase of the project in 2023, the RFP committee selected TeamDynamix to replace ServiceNow, as it meets the following needs:  Fits our campus community better.  Enhances the experience… Read More about UNC Customer Support Tool – Implement TeamDynamix & Close ServiceNow Contract.

    Active, Key Project