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  • 2022 Fiber Projects

    ITS continues to install high-speed fiber connections throughout campus, making our networks faster and more reliable. Projects underway include: Curtis Media Center: This new run of fiber will connect the Curtis Media Center with Carmichael Arena and Memorial Hall. School of Medicine: This project will add a new fiber backbone from ITS Manning to MacNider Hall. It will also move the tier one location from Isaac M. Taylor Hall to Marsico Lung Institute. Tennis Center:… Read More about 2022 Fiber Projects.

    Active, Key Project
  • Canvas Fall 2022

    UPDATE (June 17, 2022) After successful pilots during the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters, we will continue with the Canvas rollout. In Fall 2022, all UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, students and staff will be able to access Canvas. Access may be granted to non-affiliated guests per special request. All official Registrar courses and rosters will be available in Canvas automatically. Instructors may opt to build out their sites and teach in Canvas instead of Sakai…. Read More about Canvas Fall 2022.

    Active, Key Project
  • Dimensionalisation of Warehouse Data

    This project will develop the Enterprise Data Warehouse’s most-used data sets in a more efficient type of schema called a “star schema” data model. The new tables and views will be available for internal use within the data warehouse, enabling the team to better serve customers.  

    Active, Key Project
  • New and Enhanced Phone Services

    The University’s phone service is moving from Verizon to AT&T. When the University’s contract ends in 2023, Verizon is discontinuing the service we use. We now have the opportunity to evaluate other providers, save money and provide additional features that support mobile and remote work settings. The move affects all campus phone lines, such as fax lines, conference room phones and main lines.  

    Active, Key Project
  • Onyen Deprovisioning in midPoint

    The ITS Identity Management team receives frequent requests from groups around campus for centralized and automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts. User provisioning and deprovisioning involve the process of creating, updating and deleting user accounts in multiple applications and systems. We currently use a home-grown utility known as IMPROV for this purpose, but it only provisions Onyens and Guest IDs. It does not provision for other forms of accounts. IMPROV also does not do… Read More about Onyen Deprovisioning in midPoint.

    Active, Key Project
  • UNC Budget Tool

    The purpose of the project is to put a third-party solution in place to allow UNC-Chapel Hill to do capital budgeting, the annual budgeting cycle and associated reporting across the enterprise. Currently, we use resource-intensive manual processes to do the University’s budgeting. This means we have a reduced ability to properly plan for large capital expenditures. The success of this project will be measured by the ability of the University to handle the annual 2023… Read More about UNC Budget Tool.

    Active, Key Project