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  • Operational Excellence Reserve Capacity Phase

    This project will provide students who are registering for classes with information about the number of reserved seats in a class, and who the seats are for.  Currently, students may see that a class is available, and then get an error message when they try to register.  This happens when the class hasn’t reached its’ capacity, but seats are set aside for specific types of students.   For example, there may be reserved seats for first-year… Read More about Operational Excellence Reserve Capacity Phase.

  • Operational Excellence Student Registration Changes

    This project supported a new registration process for undergraduate students designed by the Operational Excellence Registration Changes committee. The changes provided more equitable and consistent processes for assigning registration appointments. They also provide more time to register to avoid causing conflicts for students who are in classes or working. The changes included creating a process to calculate the students’ enrollment day (block) and time, automating the creation of registration appointments, and automating the assignment of… Read More about Operational Excellence Student Registration Changes.

  • Pervasive Campus Wi-Fi Initiative Project

    Following on the heels of the recently-completed ResNet Wi-Fi Upgrade, ITS Communication Technologies is now beginning a 42-month project to provide pervasive Wi-Fi coverage within all remaining campus buildings. Inasmuch as less than 35% of campus within-building space presently has appropriate Wi-Fi coverage, this will be a significant effort involving new cabling throughout most buildings – yes, wireless needs wires – in addition to the deployment of over 4000 new access points. The first phase… Read More about Pervasive Campus Wi-Fi Initiative Project.

  • Reconciliation of Outside Plant Documentation

    This project aims to provide a digital platform that handles the end-to-end fiber management at UNC-Chapel Hill. The project will modernize Transport Operations fiber management and develop a continuous process for reconciling Campus ArcGIS Fiber maps. The main drivers are:  Replace Transport Operations spreadsheet management system with an industry-standard software solution for operationalizing map data. This new system will eliminate bottlenecks, documentation debts and communications silos.    Reconcile ArcGIS fiber information with information stored in… Read More about Reconciliation of Outside Plant Documentation.

  • Securing sensitive, University-owned information on Secure NAS

    Secure Network Attached Storage, also known as Secure NAS or SecNAS, is a file storage solution for sensitive information. Sensitive information, as defined on, is “Privileged or proprietary information which, if compromised through alteration, corruption, loss, misuse, or unauthorized disclosure, could cause serious harm to the organization owning it.” What is included in sensitive information? Sensitive, University-related information includes all information, in its original and duplicate form, which contains: Personal Information, as defined by the North Carolina Identity Theft… Read More about Securing sensitive, University-owned information on Secure NAS.

  • Service Management Technology

    The Service Management Technology Selection project will investigate and document campus requirements for information technology service management (ITSM), as well as select the most comprehensive technology solution to satisfy those requirements. The selected solution will eventually replace the Remedy system currently used by 48 colleges, schools and units (CSUs) on the UNC campus. The scope of the project will investigate and document near and medium-term ITSM needs for ITS, Finance and HR service desks, and… Read More about Service Management Technology.

  • ServiceNow Asset Management

    This project will implement the ServiceNow Asset Management module. The ServiceNow Asset Management module will be responsible for managing the life cycle of end-point device hardware assets for ITS and SOM Managed Desktop Services groups. Standardizing tracking and reporting on the data attributes relating to ownership, status and location of hardware assets will be helpful to our teams. Benefiting our clients by allowing IT to identify the most at-risk end-point devices in a department that… Read More about ServiceNow Asset Management.

  • Upgrade and Transition of Software Distribution

    The PHP platform that the Software Distribution service operated on was no longer supported by the vendor, so this project upgraded the platform. The project also transitioned support of the service from ITS Infrastructure and Operations to the University Services team in ITS Enterprise Applications.