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  • Faculty Workload Data Collection

    What is it?  ITS is working with IT leaders across the campus to create a process and mechanism for collecting and reporting faculty workload data. All applicable schools will collect and submit workload activity for their faculty members to ITS. Some schools already collect the required information and other schools will need to develop processes and tools to start collecting the data. ITS will aggregate the data and submit it to the Provost’s Office for… Read More about Faculty Workload Data Collection.

    Active, Key Project
  • Fiber Projects

    ITS continues to install high-speed fiber connections throughout campus, making our networks faster and more reliable. Projects underway include: Curtis Media Center: This new run of fiber will connect the Curtis Media Center with Carmichael Arena and Memorial Hall. School of Medicine: This project added a new fiber backbone from ITS Manning to MacNider Hall. It will also move the tier one location from Isaac M. Taylor Hall to Marsico Lung Institute. Completion date: Fall… Read More about Fiber Projects.

  • Full Position Management

    PeopleSoft, the software that forms the backbone of ConnectCarolina, can be structured by positions, appointments, or a mix of the two. When UNC-Chapel Hill’s implemented ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll, the decision was made to: use positions for SHRA and EHRA Non-faculty (non-student) permanent and temporary positions (64% of employees). not use positions for faculty, Post Docs and EHRA Non-faculty student positions (36% of employees). Since ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll went live seven years ago, the University has been translating… Read More about Full Position Management.

  • GradStar Student Payments

    To ensure UNC-Chapel Hill is compliant with federal and state regulations, the University took a comprehensive look at payments to students and recommended some changes. These changes ensure compliance with regulations, provide timely disbursement of awards and reduce instances of students being asked to return funds to the University. One key change is to use GradStar to process some student payments (such as training grants) instead of ConnectCarolina vouchers. Payments processed through GradStar are included… Read More about GradStar Student Payments.

  • HIPAA Campus Risk Assessment for HIPAA Covered Units

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a broad federal law that is in part designed to provide national standards for protection of certain information related to the provision of or payment for health care. There are currently 11 HIPAA covered units outside of the School of Medicine which need to comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. We will conduct a risk analysis to identify potential compliance gaps in… Read More about HIPAA Campus Risk Assessment for HIPAA Covered Units.

  • Kerberos to Active Directory

    What is it? The project is a transition from Kerberos to Active Directory (AD). Kerberos and AD are both systems that manage user credentials at UNC. Why are we doing it? The move is necessary because support for the Kerberos system is fading, and it’s becoming difficult to maintain. By switching to AD, we can ensure a more sustainable and efficient management of user credentials. How does this impact our UNC community? This change should… Read More about Kerberos to Active Directory.

  • Leave Tracking Solution

    What is it? The process for submitting leave requests is changing from manually tracked paper forms to an online submission format in ConnectCarolina – Employee Self-Service. Why are we doing it? The paper leave submission format can be confusing to employees and poses a significant burden on HR/Leave Administration personnel. The purpose of this project is to make leave submissions simpler and more consistent. After this project: Employees will have greater visibility into the approval… Read More about Leave Tracking Solution.

  • Lump Sum ePAR Redesign

    What is it? This project will redesign the existing Lump Sum ePAR form, increasing functionality for UNC users. The redesign will also move the form to an updated version of the application software used for eForms from Gideon Taylor “GT” allow UNC to deliver additional features more easily. Why are we doing it? After this project, there should be a significant reduction in manual effort when updating lump sum payments. The updated form will be… Read More about Lump Sum ePAR Redesign.

  • Mandatory DUO for student access to ConnectCarolina

    What is it? ITS is adding 2-Step verification (Duo) for student access to ConnectCarolina. Students will be prompted for Duo authentication after entering their Onyen and Password to log in to ConnectCarolina. Current students who register for Carolina Key can log in to ConnectCarolina without entering their password or using Duo. Why are we doing it? This change is needed to help the University comply with the increased cybersecurity safeguards requested by the Department of… Read More about Mandatory DUO for student access to ConnectCarolina.

  • Mass Storage Migration

    The Mass Storage system (also known as StorNext or /ms) is used for archiving research data files and storing very large files, files that are too large to fit within an individual researcher’s or a department’s storage space. This project will move the Mass Storage system to the next generation of hardware.

  • Membership Rules for Zoom HIPAA Subaccount

    What is it?  Campus units that are covered by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules use a version of Zoom that ensures Private Health Information (PHI) is secure. Employees are currently assigned to this Zoom HIPAA subaccount through a manual process. This project will use Grouper to automatically assign individuals in HIPAA covered units to the appropriate Zoom configuration.  This change aligns with rules already in place in other ITS applications that define… Read More about Membership Rules for Zoom HIPAA Subaccount.

  • Microsoft M365 Number Matching for MFA

    Microsoft is moving to a more secure method of authentication that changes “Push” notifications. The new process for logging into Microsoft 365 gives you an auto-generated number to type into your device. Microsoft doesn’t have an exact switchover date, but the purpose of this project is to get campus ready before Microsoft acts. Pilot groups are currently testing the system. (“Number matching” means that when users go through an MFA Authentication, they see a number… Read More about Microsoft M365 Number Matching for MFA.