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  • CarolinaGO: Mobile App

    CarolinaGO, the official University mobile app for UNC-Chapel Hill, is now used by some 10,000 members of the campus community. The app enables students, faculty and staff to easily access resources such as dining options, a campus map, walking directions, bus routes and campus events. It also is the only native mobile platform for Sakai and ConnectCarolina. Through this mobile version of ConnectCarolina, students can conveniently add or drop classes, view class schedules, change emergency… Read More about CarolinaGO: Mobile App.

  • Central Email Registry with midPoint – Phase 1

    This project will create a new user interface for managing email addresses and aliases. This interface will let campus users choose which UNC-based email address they want as their primary. When individuals create an email address or alias, the interface will prevent them from duplicating an existing Onyen-based email address or previously claimed alias. This change is a step toward having a single authoritative source for all email tenants and remediates the persistent confusion among… Read More about Central Email Registry with midPoint – Phase 1.

  • Classroom Wireless Redesign

    Supporting and improving wireless capabilities across campus is a continuing priority for ITS. This project seeks to improve the wireless capabilities in the large classrooms on campus and better support the increased numbers of students, faculty and staff in these concentrated areas. Wireless infrastructure includes the size/bandwidth of the internet pipe, the firewall, the switches and the wireless access points themselves. Infrastructure is by far the most critical and important piece relating to how successful… Read More about Classroom Wireless Redesign.

  • Data Mart Optimization

    This project will streamline data mart processes. It will also provide a way for end users to maintain the mapped values between UNC-Chapel Hill and the System Office data marts. Phase 1 completed: December 23, 2021. Phase 2 started January 4, 2022 to be completed before the start of Q1 Fiscal Year 2023 (July).

  • DB Snapshot Preparation Work

    This is an ITS-sponsored project for improvement of infrastructure. This project will change the method we use to back up our enterprise systems databases from Oracle Recovery Manager to the database snapshot method (a database snapshot is a consistent, read-only copy of a database). Switching to this method will reduce the time it takes to back up our databases. This project will provide patches and hardware changes as needed. It will also reorganize the data… Read More about DB Snapshot Preparation Work.

  • Decommission ADFS Infrastructure for M365 Authentication

    When UNC migrated to Microsoft 365, we implemented an on-premises infrastructure called “Active Directory Federation Services” (ADFS) to support authentication into Microsoft 365. ADFS addressed security concerns around syncing passwords into the Azure Active Directory Cloud service, but it also created an on-premises dependency for Microsoft 365 and technical debt. Note: Technical debt can be defined as “incomplete configurations or deployments of technology that have been on the books, but due to lack of resources… Read More about Decommission ADFS Infrastructure for M365 Authentication.

  • Dimensionalisation of Warehouse Data

    This project will develop the Enterprise Data Warehouse’s most-used data sets in a more efficient type of schema called a “star schema” data model. The new tables and views will be available for internal use within the data warehouse, enabling the team to better serve customers. Projected Completion Date: March 31, 2023  

  • DUO Universal Prompt

    Duo is one of the multi-factor authentication tools that the University uses to keep UNC’s systems safe and stay ahead of security threats. In February 2022, Duo released a new version of its web-based prompt that improves accessibility and can automatically send to the last authentication method you used to authenticate — speeding up the process. The new version has a different look with some changes in functionality so the change will be noticeable to… Read More about DUO Universal Prompt.

  • Enterprise Firewall Migration

    This project will migrate approximately 250 unprotected VLANs (“virtual local area networks”) to campus enterprise firewalls. Migrating these VLANs will prevent attacks and also limit the scope of attacks across the University. Onboarding the rest of campus will significantly expand the range and depth of the University’s defenses. It will also give ITS unprecedented awareness of which mission-critical systems we need to protect.

  • esmc0 and esmc5 NetApp Storage Replacements

    This project is performing a lifecycle replacement of storage controllers and disks that are nearing the end of their useful life. As hardware ages, it becomes less reliable, the potential for data loss grows and maintenance costs increase. This project is focusing on replacing: ESMC0 – the hardware supporting and ESMC5 – the hardware that provides some primary storage for Splunk and serves as a backup destination for a majority of ITS data.

  • ETL Redesign for Enterprise Data Warehouse

    As the Enterprise Data Warehouse grows, so does the time required to run the ETLs that keep it updated. (An ETL extracts, transforms and loads data from multiple sources to a data warehouse.) This project will redesign the nightly ETL for the Enterprise Data Warehouse to make better use of the after-hours time we have to run the jobs and to make it easier to diagnose problems.

  • F5 Recommendations

    Upon further review, this project was cancelled by the customer.  January 2022 Load balancing is the process of distributing tasks across network resources, with the aim of making their overall processing more efficient. UNC-Chapel Hill uses load balancing technology provided by F5, Inc. The University’s current F5 infrastructure has a storage resource constraint that makes patching challenging, and it is running at capacity, which limits our ability to take on new F5 projects. This project… Read More about F5 Recommendations.