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  • Date: July 13, 2019 615AM
  • Subject: Your mailbox is almost full !!!
  • From:
  • Your mailbox is full.

    9.9GB 10GB


    Your mailbox has now significantly exceeded the limit assigned to you. Emails sent to you when your mailbox is in this state are not delivered and each sender should receive a notification of that fact. Please take action now to ensure that your mailbox is brought back under the limit.

    What should you do?
    Please login to your Outlook webmail via r[redacted]u’s portal here.

    Confirm Your Identity

    Once logged in you will either need to delete any emails that you no longer need or archive emails that you wish to retain and then delete the originals.

    Do you need more information?
    We have some helpful information on the intranet regarding email settings.
    Follow this link: ht[redacted]

    — < BR> me[redacted]  Support Department

    This message is generated automatically by the server when you exceed the assigned capacity of your mailbox. Please follow the instructions in the email to resolve this issue or contact your network administrator.