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  • Date: November 17, 2018 11:08am
  • Subject: [username – password]
  • From:
  • Hey, I know all of the dirty secrets of your life. I won’t tell you exactly what I came to know, I’ve got all the info along with me. To prove this, simply let myself inform you that one of your passwords is [redacted]. Pay me $4000 via BITC01N to the address 1G5uDWTdt8RP16zafFyW5YGSCqQU7YNz8R in the next 40 hours. Let me make one important thing crystal clear, that I will mess up your life totally if I don’t get the payment. Should I get the payment, I will delete every single information I’ve with me, and i’ll vanish entirely and you’ll never hear a thing from myself. It is the first and final e mail from me and also the offer can not be negotiated, thus do not answer to this e-mail.