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  • Date: January 7, 2020 1:26pm
  • Subject: This is a phishing email
  • From:
  • Ext Mail: open links/attachments w/caution

    Hello X,

    Please note that this email is a phishing email. It is solely designed to capture your user ID and password so that it can be used in the furtherance of cybercrime activities such as cyberextortion, additional phishing campaigns, spam campaigns, and malware distribution. Clicking on the link below will display a fake login page that will ask you to enter your credentials so that they can be captured and used for our purposes.


    Additionally, clicking on the link will also install malware on your computer that will be used to collect and exfiltrate sensitive data from your network in the context of your user ID. This is a new, zero-day malware and your antivirus software will be unable to stop it.


    Please help us out by clicking on the link below and providing your login ID and password as directed. We’ll send you $5 for your troubles.


    Thanks for your help.


    Click Here