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  • Date: June 21, 2017 07:25 AM
  • Subject: Request precautions
  • From:

    The request to deactivate your email offered by the university Information and technology
    service (IT service) have been logged.

    NOTICE: Deactivation of the university email is strictly for retiring staffs and graduating
    students. Staffs on leave are required to make use of the automatic responds service.

    This request have been logged and will be processed within 24hrs.
    Hence if you are not a graduating student nor a retiring staff, you are required to cancel this request immediately<http://[redact]> otherwise no action is required.

    Cancel request below:

    Cancel request Here <http://[redact]>

    Moore Ken
    Information and technology service

    This message may contain confidential information, and is intended only for the addressee.  If you are not the named addressee,
    or if you have received this message in error, we ask your cooperation to refrain from disseminating, distributing or copying this
    e-mail, and request that you delete it from your computer or messaging device.  Thank you for your cooperation.