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  • Date: February 18, 2019 12:20 PM
  • Subject: Reminder for Office Renewal
  • From: MSoffice []
  • This Renewal link will expire within 24hours.

    Product Id: RTHRT-546EF-12RGU-KO845Z-XEX2D

    EXPIRATION DATE: 25 Feb, 2019

    For any assistance Dial +1 888 214 0556

    This mail is confirmation that we will Suspend/Terminate your subscription to Microsoft Office on Feb 25, 2019. We are restricting your access to the certain application within our software environment. Applications are ;


    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft A.ccess

    Microsoft One Note

    Microsoft One Drive

    Microsoft P.ublisher

    Microsoft Explorer

    Microsoft Win-defender

    Microsoft Outlook

    If you are facing difficulty to open the Link you may copy and paste the link in the browser and continue. 

    You can Renew your subscription and prevent your applications from termination by visiting and sign in to your applications, documents, and settings on the devices you love. Store your documents to the cloud in OneDrive to access anywhere.


    Thank you for using Microsoft Online Services.


    Microsoft Office