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  • Date: December 8, 2019
  • Subject: Re: Part-Time Intern!
  • From:
  • Hello and welcome to The University of North Carolina!

    My name is ***********, Clinical counselor for the Department of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES). We work in partnership with the University to provide services designed to support students that are frustrated with ignorance and lack of services by creating a welcoming, inclusive and accessible environment in making a positive lifestyle changes.

    This project is funded by (Association on Higher Education and Disability) AHEAD, University of North Carolina. And the motive of this project is to assist students and give them opportunity to make extra money during their terms of study and even after studies and to promote awareness and consistency in the application of best practices to students with disabilities statewide.

    This employment only takes 1-2 hours a day and 3 times a week, which gives you the opportunity to earn $620.00 weekly and you will be paid in advance for all tasks and purchases to be done on my behalf.

    I am currently away, helping the disabled students in Canada. Upon my arrival we will discuss the possibility of making this a long-term employment if I am impressed with your services while I am away. My arrival is scheduled for the Third week of December, 2019.

    To be considered for this position, reply with this information;



    Residential Address:

    Alternate email (different from school email):

    Cell #: