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  • Date: August 20, 2019
  • Subject: RE: IT Technical Service (Admin Desk)!
  • From:
  • Dear Staff, Employees.

    Today, AUGUST 20, 2019, We’re migrating the entire email account of employees and Staff into the Outlook 2019 Office Webmail. As a result, all active employees and Staff must review and sign up for an urgent update and migration to improve the security and efficiency of current spam e-mail.

    Please all employees and Staff should Click Here to switch to Outlook Webmail 2019 for employees

    Note that this migration to Outlook 2019 applies to all emails in this service. We disable and disable unchecked and inactive e-mail accounts that have not been migrated within the next 24 hours without further notice.

    Best regards,

    External e-mail administrator
    Outlook service for employees and internet service
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