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  • Date:
  • Subject: ITS-Password Expiry Notice
  • From:

    Your Outlook Web App password has expired to avoid issues ( Been locked out of your account) on your next Sign In activity and to secure your account. Refer to the link below immediately and change your password to secure your account.

    Change Password​

    Your new password will need to meet password complexity requirements:
    -at least 8 characters long and cannot contain your name
    -it must contain at least one uppercase and one lower case character and a number.

    NOTE: Failure to do this within 24 hours of receiving this notice we will immediately render your Outlook Web App account deactivated for security reasons. Protecting your Outlook Web Access account is our primary concern.

    Source: Email Security Team


    This Mailbox is used for OUT-GOING MESSAGES ONLY and is not monitored f10353