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The job is for the PRPA position at Russell Collection Agency

This flexible but formal position (requiring little or no experience) would only take at most two hours of your time daily, or even less, depending on your work-speed.

You would be needed Mondays through Fridays, but the job’s flexibility lies in the fact that your duties are clear-cut and would take little of your time to be executed daily.

The job advertised was for a PRPA (Payment Receiving and Processing Assistant) working from home, simply deals with receiving payments from customers in your zipcode and forwarding these received payments to the company’s head-office.

You get 8% of any payment you receive as commission. So if you receive $ 500 from a customer, you get a $ 40 commission. I can assure you, before the end of each month you could be on a steady income of $ 4,000

If you are interested, please let me know.

Russell Collection Agency