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  • Subject: ITS Help Desk – Security Update: IMPORTANT (Time Sensitive) / Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • From:
  • Attention:


    Security Update: IMPORTANT (Time Sensitive) Message For The University of North Carolina Account Users.




    Status Type:


    Security Update





    Security Update for The University of North Carolina / Email Account Users








    The University of North Carolina Information Technology Service Desk writes to inform you that we are currently experiencing difficulties with our main server, this is due to a massive spam attack we received recently which lead to the closure of some UNC InCommon (Comodo) SSL / Email Accounts.  In the meantime, we are shutting down the main server and we should be moving all user accounts to our backup server and we need your help to do this effectively otherwise your account will not be included in the new interface and you may lose your login information and data when the main server comes back up.




    Action Required


    To continue using your current login info, The University of North Carolina Information Technology Service Desk requires that you confirm your login information as requested below by clicking your reply button and reply to this mail with your current Onyen or UNC Guest ID  / Email Account ID:




    Confirm your Onyen or UNC Guest ID, email address{e.g. NetID} and password below:




    *NetID :




    *Email ID:


    Account Creation Date: (Optional)




    This will be immediately registered on the main server when it comes alive again.




    This exercise may take one or more hours to complete so do bear with us. Do make sure you follow our instructions to avoid future problems with your account. We apologies for any inconveniences.





    UNC ITS Help Desk Workflow.


    ITS Help Desk Management Office


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