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  • Subject: ITS Announcement – Firewall project completed
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    Firewall project completed!

    The ongoing firewall project that has been on for the past one month has just been completed.

    The completion of the firewall project make the online platform of the university community safer and more secure as it has a primary purpose of reject phishing & spam emails from going through the firewall.

    Hence to reduce complaints of hacked accounts & compromised systems, we strictly recommend login on to the the firewall service to get your mailbox protected from any incoming spam/phishing email.

    How Do I logon to this service?

    Visit the firewall service portal Here to get started.

    We will notify you as soon as your login request has been processed.


    Login format:

    Website: Go to the Firewall Portal at
    current email password



    Information technology service will not be accountable for any hacked mailbox or compromised systems that did not initiate the function of this service.