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Think Green IT for Earth Day

If Earth Day has you “thinking green,” don’t forget about technology.   It’s easy to see how working from home reduces our personal environmental footprint, whether that’s by commuting less and burning fewer fossil fuels, using fewer dry-cleaning services or by making coffee at home and skipping the paper cup. Just … Continued

Remedy retires after 22 years of use

ITS retires Remedy after 22 years of use

ITS has decommissioned the platform that the University used for more than two decades for such cornerstone applications as processing help and computer repair tickets. Carolina had used the BMC Remedy platform since 1998. The ITS Service Management Platform Team officially retired Remedy on April 15 after several years of … Continued

Using Duo for password resets will increase identity security

As of today, April 5, if you have Duo installed and forget your Onyen password, you can use Duo to reset your password at Duo confirmation replaces the challenge questions. ITS changed how passwords are reset to simplify the process for the campus community and to increase identity security. … Continued

DAS antenna on top of a building

Carolina’s antenna system marks decade of enabling wireless mobility

Have you ever wondered how you’re able to use your phone or other mobile devices as you walk from building to building on campus? Whether sharing a Word document, checking Sakai or updating your socials, data mobility makes it possible to use your wireless device anywhere on campus. That mobility … Continued

Digital Accessibility Office

Digital Accessibility Office debuts self-paced training

The Digital Accessibility Office (DAO) now has an online self-paced version of its popular Digital Accessibility Awareness training. The goal of this introductory training is to teach the campus community about digital accessibility and how campus members can apply it in their daily lives. Fits busy schedules Originally, the DAO … Continued

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