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The team, lead by Chad Ray, works on campus and often in the background often early in the mornings, weekends or late at night and they lay the foundation for the IT network. Here is a few of the teams accomplisments, they switched over to a new cable TV service provider for campus. They installed a redundant fiber path to Franklin Data Center around the south of campus. They started changing out the old 128 fiber cabinets in campus buildings to increase speed in the campus buildings. They installed phones for 2 separate phone ports that included the biggest ever,5,000 phones. They added a new fiber backbone to the med-school buildings and that will finish with the completion of the new MEB building. They are running a fiber network to connect all the chiller plants on and off campus back to their main control room. This is above the moves adds and changes they do every day. This team accomplised a lot in a short ammout of time, a stellar crew.

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