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The Student Admin Project team has accomplished many “big impact” projects over the last several years including many COVID-19 pages and reporting, and cutting-edge Class Features, Student Requirements Dashboard, Graduate Student Tracking Hub and the General Education Requirements Dashboard and dynamic bar chart tile that shows students their academic progress at a glance. But last summer, they achieved a a monumental amount of deliverables in a very short time frame that changed the landscape of Student Registration and Reserve Capacities. Although they are a small team of 3 analysts (and a manager), they have produced a tremendous amount of transitional project work that has received high praise from administrators, students, and peer schools. Appreciation and well-deserved thanks to Ed Seward, Tanicha Hart, and Stacey Rhodus for their accomplishments.
Summary of Reserve Capacity Registration Work this past summer:
• 2 new Custom pages for adding/editing/monitoring Reserve Capacities including process to split First Year Reserved Seats into 25% waves for equal distribution during the four First Year Registration windows.
• Excel Upload process to allow the Curriculum Team to add Reserve Capacities in bulk
• 6 new processes to remove First Year Reserved Seats from Enrollment Capacity during Returning Student Registration, move 4 reserve capacity groups with scheduled timings from custom page to delivered page adding totals back to Enrollment Capacity, and determine open seats after each registration window to add reserved seats and subtract from Enrollment Capacity to ensure equal distribution of open seats in each First Year Student registration wave.
• Many, many hours of monitoring, running reports, analysis, and running jobs with OUR.
• In the Fall Term, this team also added a new registration status icon to indicate to students when a class only had reserved seats remaining, and additional detail on the Class Details page to display class registration metrics for transparency.

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