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Customer case study: University Registrar talks about Project SIR

September 4, 2015

As departments and groups across UNC-Chapel Hill gradually implement the year-old Sensitive Information Remediation Project, employees of these units also have come to rely on the peace of mind that the initiative delivers. Christopher Derickson, Assistant Provost and University Registrar, … Continued

Password managers strengthen online safety

July 13, 2015

Do you feel confident and comfortable with the system you’re using to manage your work and personal passwords? That assumes you even have a system. With data breaches in the news practically every day, using a password management system is … Continued

Matt Heinze: Collaborating on Project SIR is “fun” (VIDEO)

May 7, 2015

Since UNC-Chapel Hill launched the Sensitive Information Remediation Project last year, the campus community has demonstrated an exceptional collaborative spirit in scanning, finding, deleting and/or securing sensitive information on University computers. Matt Heinze, an information security specialist with Information Technology … Continued

Update: Project SIR makes progress

March 26, 2015

The Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR, is now more than 40 percent deployed, up from 20 percent three weeks ago. Since the project launched last year to scan, find, delete and/or secure sensitive information on University … Continued

Breaking through the digital clutter with Project SIR

November 17, 2014

The Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR, is a campus-wide initiative to scan, find, delete and/or secure sensitive information. UNC-Chapel Hill units, departments and individuals across campus are protecting the University’s sensitive information by participating in Project … Continued

Tech tips: How to cyber secure your digital devices

October 30, 2014

If you have checked in with us throughout October for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, you should feel much better armed to fend off all those cybercriminals out there. For a refresher or in case you missed a few posts … Continued

Passwords: How to balance security with reality

October 28, 2014

In recent weeks, nearly five million Gmail addresses and passwords were found on a Russian security site. In a separate incident, a targeted attack on celebrities’ user names, passwords and security questions resulted in the leak of photos. Such incidents … Continued

Security in the cloud: Q&A with Stan Waddell

October 23, 2014

Watch this week’s Tech on the Street video to learn more about the cloud, and then read our interview with Stan Waddell, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT Infrastructure and CTO. Stan shares best practices and insights on cloud storage security. … Continued