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More than 85% of phone lines now operate on VoIP

July 27, 2015

ITS Communication Technologies changed another 961 phone lines to the Voice-over-Internet Protocol system on Friday, July 24. That brings the number of phone lines converted over from the legacy AT&T Centrex phone system to 17,000-plus of the 20,000 in the … Continued

UNC-Chapel Hill campus gains solar-powered charging stations

June 2, 2015

Information Technology Services has helped bring 12 solar-powered patio umbrellas to UNC-Chapel Hill. Located near the Pit and at other spots around campus, the umbrellas enable technology users sitting at the patio tables to conveniently charge small electronic devices. Affixed … Continued

Campus begins transition to “eduroam” wireless network

May 28, 2015

Information Technology Services is phasing out UNC-Chapel Hill’s UNC-Secure wireless network and moving the more than 50,000 devices that use that wireless connection over to “eduroam,” a secure and encrypted wireless network shared by universities around the world. Thousands of … Continued

March 8th email outage and important changes to Heelmail

March 5, 2015

​WHO All users with (Office 365) email account WHEN Sunday, March 8 from 8AM – 4PM WHAT Information Technology Services is making a change to how email logins are authenticated. There will be an email outage on Sunday, March … Continued

What you might have missed in January and February

February 26, 2015

As February comes to a close, ITS News wraps up two months packed full of news about comings and goings, technology resolutions and the many activities of the Infrastructure & Operations and the Communication Technologies groups at Information Technology Services. … Continued

ITS will explore a networking Fast Pass

February 24, 2015

If you have worked in information technology for a few decades like Jim Gogan, you’ve seen many wondrous advances in the industry as well as some wrong turns and absolute flops. So what technological advancement that could benefit his work … Continued

Networking tackles The Internet of Things

February 19, 2015

Discussions abound these days about The Internet of Things—this interconnection of all our gadgets, appliances and computing devices that can share information. Those conversations, though, usually have to do with consumer privacy and business security issues or future marketing opportunities … Continued

A 2015 ITS priority: Network upgrade

February 12, 2015

Leveraging a new source of sustainable funding, Information Technology Services is upgrading the core network that carries voice and data across the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. This network refurbishment entails replacing outdated switches, improving in-building wiring and ensuring a more robust, … Continued

The long journey to decommission the ITS mainframe

February 5, 2015

This year Information Technology Services will decommission the University’s mainframe after a decade-long goodbye and a major cultural shift for the employees who have operated it. For a time, the mainframe was the only computer doing all the business work … Continued