ConnectCarolina mobile now available in CarolinaGO app

August 14, 2015

Welcome back to campus! As many of you know, CarolinaGO (the University’s mobile app) was developed and launched by students in partnership with ITS last year. We are excited to announce that a mobile version of ConnectCarolina is now available … Continued

Where to find ITS in the Twittersphere

August 12, 2015

Want to keep up throughout the day with issues, happenings and news related to and of interest to UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services? Twitter is a good place for that, and a good source for that information are the Twitter … Continued

ITS names recipients of Star Heels Awards

August 10, 2015

UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services has named the department’s recipients of the 2015 Star Heels Awards. Administered by Benefits Services in the Office of Human Resources, the Star Heels Award Program recognizes and rewards excellent employees. Award recipients receive a … Continued

Mobile-Friendly Single Sign-On Page Launches

August 5, 2015

At 5PM on Wednesday, August 5, ITS will introduce an improved single sign-on (SSO) login page. The new login screen will be mobile-friendly, making it easier for you to sign in to technology services from your tablet and mobile devices. … Continued

Password managers strengthen online safety

July 13, 2015

Do you feel confident and comfortable with the system you’re using to manage your work and personal passwords? That assumes you even have a system. With data breaches in the news practically every day, using a password management system is … Continued

UNC-Chapel Hill campus gains solar-powered charging stations

June 2, 2015

Information Technology Services has helped bring 12 solar-powered patio umbrellas to UNC-Chapel Hill. Located near the Pit and at other spots around campus, the umbrellas enable technology users sitting at the patio tables to conveniently charge small electronic devices. Affixed … Continued

Campus begins transition to “eduroam” wireless network

May 28, 2015

Information Technology Services is phasing out UNC-Chapel Hill’s UNC-Secure wireless network and moving the more than 50,000 devices that use that wireless connection over to “eduroam,” a secure and encrypted wireless network shared by universities around the world. Thousands of … Continued

Matt Heinze: Collaborating on Project SIR is “fun” (VIDEO)

May 7, 2015

Since UNC-Chapel Hill launched the Sensitive Information Remediation Project last year, the campus community has demonstrated an exceptional collaborative spirit in scanning, finding, deleting and/or securing sensitive information on University computers. Matt Heinze, an information security specialist with Information Technology … Continued