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The following gifs illustrate how to transfer files from the /netscr to the /pine/scr/o/n/onyen scratch space. We use the longleaf login nodes and the scp command to access and transfer files accordingly.

1. Log into longleaf

killdevil Demo part 1

2. Go to your /netscr-migrate directory

The /netscr-migrate file system essentially mirrors /netscr on killdevil. All of your corresponding files can be transferred from the former.

killdevil demo part 2

3. Use the scp command

We use the scp command to copy all our files to the /pine/scr/o/n/onyen scratch space. *You may also use the cp command if you prefer*

killdevil demo 3

4. List your files on your longleaf scratch space

We now head over to our scratch space and check that all our files were copied successfully.