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The following gifs illustrate how to transfer files from /lustre on killdevil to the /pine/scr/o/n/onyen scratch space on longleaf. We log in killdevil and use the scp command to access and transfer files, respectively.

  1. Log in killdevil
  2. We first log in our killdevil account and cd into /lustre.

    lustre demo part 1

  3. Use scp to initiate file transfer
  4. Once we locate the files we want to transfer, we use scp to transfer to

    lustre transfer demo 2

  5. Watch your files transfer
  6. But before you do that, you will be prompted for your password. Then, we can see our file transfer happen live. Finally, we log in our longleaf account to double check our transfer happened as expected.

    lustre file demo 3