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UNC Old Well and flowersInformation Technology Services is charged to move forward on our path of innovation and service as we support the University’s educational mission and meet the technology needs of our campus customers. To coordinate ITS initiatives, the Office of the CIO plans high-level, long-term organizational goals, strategic direction, performance management and process management, as well as addressing day-to-day operational concerns like resource management, operational planning and strategy alignment.

Office of the CIO Focus Areas


IT Governance

IT Governance is the structure by which IT decisions occur and good operational practices are built and supported. The CIO is primarily responsible for IT operations at the University, including providing policy and other guidance to campus IT operations in the schools and departments. ITS also maintains both standing and ad-hoc committees and groups to handle regular IT governance functions. The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is an example. Other committees address data governance, shared oversight of major enterprise applications such as ERP and Service Management systems, and building practices for complex or new types of technology (such as cloud computing). In addition, the CIO, the Chief Information Security Officer and the AVC for Customer Experience & Engagement participate in campus groups such as the IT Executive Council, IT Security Liaisons group, the Data Governance Oversight group, and other committees and groups that enable campus stakeholders and service providers to exchange information and consider how best to direct focus to provide reliable, secure, accessible and robust IT services to all members of the campus community.

ITS Project Portfolio & Change Management

ITS Project Portfolio & Change Management plans, manages and ensures the successful outcome of projects, especially those with a divisional or institutional scope. The group applies and expands portfolio, project and change management knowledge in ways that support colleagues, is transparent, agile and inclusive of all campus constituents.

ITS Policy Office

The ITS Policy Office manages the IT, IT Security, and Digital Accessibility policy portfolio. The goal of the office is to maintain current policies, standards, and procedures for the University and for ITS that reflect governing law, University System Office policy, and the IT frameworks we measure our practices by. The documents support robust, efficient, and effective IT operations throughout the organization. The office is available for policy-related consultation to any member of the University community. Policies are routinely reviewed and revised as needed to keep up with the shifting landscape of technology practices, and feedback received at any time is considered when policies are reviewed. ITS participates in the University policy processes as well, reviewing policies from all areas of campus to improve our policy ecosystem. Policy Office staff are available to provide information and training to any campus unit related to any aspect of IT policies.


Our Team

J. Michael Barker, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Ethan Kromhout
Director, Applications Infrastructure

Brenda Carpen
Director, ITS Project Portfolio & Change Management

Kim Stahl
Senior Policy and Process Lead

Gwen Moore
Executive Assistant

Trina Cosbert
Executive Assistant