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This group reviews infrastructure-related policies, creates task forces to investigate University-wide IT infrastructure initiatives, and makes recommendations to the CIO.


John Mack, Chair, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure & Operations

Meeting Frequency

Meets monthly


Available upon request


  • John Mack, Chair, AVC, ITS Infrastructure & Operations
  • Dennis Schmidt, AVC, ITS Information Security, Privacy & Identity Management, & CISO
  • Kate Hash, AVC, ITS Customer Experience & Engagement
  • Mark Johnson, AVC, ITS Communication Technologies
  • Vetri Thiagarajan, ITS Enterprise Applications
  • Brent Caison, ITS Global Systems
  • Ethan Kromhout, ITS Applications
  • Brenda Carpen, ITS I&O
  • Tim McGuire, ITS Research Computing
  • Karl Eklund, ITS Research Computing
  • Suzanne Cadwell, ITS Teaching & Learning
  • Micki Jernigan, ITS, Chief Privacy Officer
  • Ken Langley, School of Medicine
  • Andy Lang, OASIS
  • Ray Reitz, Finance and Administration
  • John Garcia, Frank Porter Graham
  • Michael Sharpe, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, ITEC Rep
  • Mark Ingram, University Development, ITEC Rep
  • Tim Van Acker, Carolina Population Center, ITEC Rep

Charter link:  IT Infrastructure Coordinating Committee charter (PDF)