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This group coordinates communication technology activities regarding the campus network infrastructure, both on and off main campus, and the campus phone system.


Mark Johnson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Communication Technologies

Meeting Frequency

Annual, plus check-ins throughout the year as needed


New Funding Model (web page requires Onyen)

Final Report, June 2011: Recommendation for a New Network Infrastructure Funding Model (see PDF link under No. 3 on above page)


  • Brad Ives, Chair, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises
  • Mark Johnson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communication Technologies
  • Paige Saunders Burton, Executive Director for Budget Planning and Analysis
  • Andy Johns, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Andy Lang, Director, College of Arts and Sciences Information Systems
  • Daniel Anderson, Faculty Representative, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Christopher Payne, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Senior Operating Officer
  • Chris Williams, ITEC Representative, IT Director Student Affairs
  • Uduak Ndoh, Associate Dean for IT and CIO, UNC School of Medicine


Charter: Communication Technologies Coordinating Committee charter (PDF)