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CCI Printing, the cross-campus printing service used by students and staff alike, is getting a new name —the Carolina Print Hub. Last year, more than 20,000 unique users printed more than 2.5 million pages with CCI Printing.

The Carolina Print Hub is one of many essential campus services supported by ITS Educational Technologies (EdTech). Over the summer, EdTech will update signage, webpages, support articles and other materials to reflect the new name. EdTech expects to complete the name change before students return for the Fall semester.

Abi Winegarden
Abi Winegarden manages day-to-day operations for the Carolina Print Hub

The transition to a new name is a major undertaking. But it’s a worthwhile effort, said Abi Winegarden, a tech support analyst with EdTech. She manages the day-to-day operations for the 70 print stations on campus.

“Renaming the service will help remove any confusion on who provides support or how to find us,” said Winegarden. “Services evolve over time, and our printing service no longer has any connection with CCI, the Carolina Computing Initiative.”

Figuring out what to call the service was the first step. EdTech chose Carolina Print Hub after many internal brainstorming sessions and consulting with student workers from the ITS Communications team. “The goal was to find a name that would be easily identifiable to the students, without any confusion with other services across campus,” said Winegarden.

Always improving

ITS has continued to improve printing at Carolina for decades. Wireless printing rolled out in 2006. Prior to that, print jobs could be sent only from computer lab machines. ITS boosted printing security by requiring Onyen login to release print jobs in 2009.

In 2011, ITS significantly expanded the number of print locations, following a grassroots campaign by a determined student body president.

In more recent years, EdTech introduced touchscreen printers in 2019 and launched touchless printing using QR codes in 2021.

By the numbers:

In 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Pages printed: 2,572,844
  • Total print jobs: 408,872
  • Unique users: 20,239

For now, the new name is the only major change on the horizon for the Carolina Print Hub. “The service itself isn’t changing,” said Winegarden. “We strive to meet the printing needs of our students and feel a new name will help us to meet that goal.”

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