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This is the third in an occasional series of profiles of Carolina’s IT professionals who serve as liaisons in the Information Security Liaison (ISL) program, led by the Information Security Office within ITS. 

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram

Position: Infrastructure and Technical Support Manager, Office of University Development

Career: 32 Years in IT. Started his career at Carolina in 1994 as a tech support specialist. Before UNC-Chapel Hill, he worked as a systems administrator in newspaper publishing.

Personal: Serial hobbyist and a lifelong learner with many interests. HAM radio license-holder, drone flyer, vintage record collector, fisherman, boater, stunt kite flyer, hiker, ukulele player, amateur astronomer and member of the astronomy club at Atlantic Beach

IT support for the department: Team handles desktop support, file, print, web and database servers, storage, audiovisual support and the DAVIE CRM donor relations system

What facet of information security do you find most interesting?

I’m passionate about all things technology related and how they can be applied to make my colleagues’ work lives more efficient and more enjoyable.

What do you see as the biggest threat to your users? What is the main thing you try to talk to them about?

One of the biggest threats that I see for our users is phishing, specifically spear phishing. Mobile device security is also big because our users are using mobile devices for everything now. Of course, everybody trusts the mobile apps that they download and have access to. They grant access to everything on their phone to the app. I also worry about ransomware.

And another thing is, with all the storage proliferation, users can store files in so many different places. Now it’s really hard to keep up with. We’ve gone from being able to manage a server and the permissions and know what data we have as a department to not really knowing where it is and what it is, and that worries me.

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