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ITS Identity Management is releasing an updated version of its Improvadmin platform in mid-January, which includes migrating the code to a modern Java stack.

Improvadmin is an interface used by the ITS Service Desk, Information Security Office and Identity Management as the primary tool to review users’ Onyen and Guest ID accounts and affiliations.

The Service Desk is the most extensive user of Improvadmin. The group uses the platform to troubleshoot user issues like resetting Duo Security lockout status, expiring Onyens and setting temporary passwords when users are locked out of their accounts.

The migration

Previously, Improvadmin was coded using the Google Web Toolkit. The Identity Management group decided to migrate Improvadmin to a modern Java stack including Spring Boot on the CloudApps platform becauseGoogle Web Toolkit is outdated.

The Carolina CloudApps platform houses the administrative tools for setting primary and secondary Onyens, Onyen renames, PID merges and Guest ID registration. Carolina CloudApps provides a secure environment for application development and content hosting. Spring Boot is a Java-based framework used to create stand-alone applications.

Revamping user interfaces

The migration of Improvadmin to Spring Boot is a part of the Identity Management group’s ongoing effort to centralize administrative tools in one location.

“This is part of a multiple phase project to revamp all user interfaces we provide to end users,” said Celeste Copeland, IT Manager of Identity Management.

Celeste Copeland Headshot
Celeste Copeland

“Once they’re merged, we can more easily pass these functions off to the Service Desk, and they won’t need to go to more than one location to find the new toolset,” Copeland said.

The Improvadmin update goes hand in hand with the University’s Carolina Next strategic plan. The update will strengthen student successes by improving the troubleshooting platform that the Service Desk relies on to support student end users.

Additionally, by centralizing tools, the Identity Management team is optimizing operations, which is a key component of the plan.

Platform testing

The Identity Management team started working on the Improvadmin project in July.

The development stage of the project is now complete, and the group is focusing on testing the platform.

“We are currently doing Internal Test, then we will move on to Accessibility Test with the Digital Accessibility Office, and User Acceptance Test with the Service Desk. Then we’ll move on to Security Test,” Copeland said.

During the security test phase, the Information Security Office will attack the site and attempt to get information about Onyens and Guest IDs. This phase of testing is crucial to ensure the security of the Improvadmin platform.

Copeland said that the Digital Accessibility Office has played an important role in helping the Identity Management group re-design the Improvadmin platform to be digitally accessible.

Next steps

“In the next phase of the project, end users will be able to go to one place to create, check the status of and change their Onyen and Guest ID passwords,” Copeland said.

Currently, users have to go to two separate places for Onyen and Guest ID creations and password changes.

This future update will further improve the site and optimize operations.

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