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Editor’s note: ITS Communications student workers reported and wrote this article.

As the Spring semester wraps up today, we want to introduce you to and recognize three graduating student workers who have left their mark on ITS.

Anthony Doban was a Classroom Hotline worker who earned two promotions over his year and a half working at ITS.

Michael Green and Anthony Doban
Anthony Doban, right, with Michael Green, a fellow graduating student worker at Classroom Hotline

Anthony said that he started as a “room checker,” going room to room every week making sure that classroom technology such as projectors and computers were functioning properly.

ITS enables room for growth

After working in this position for a few months, Anthony was promoted to a technician position. “Before I would send in a ticket if something wasn’t working; now I would receive the tickets and go to classrooms to try and troubleshoot,” Anthony said.

After a few months in this position, Anthony was promoted again, this time as a lead technician. As a lead technician, Anthony trained and supervised three other technicians.

While Anthony has been unable to work in classrooms these last couple months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, his time at ITS shows how hard work pays off.

Anthony also said that the problem-solving skills he perfected while working at ITS will be a great asset to him when he enters the working world.

“I loved working for ITS,” Anthony said.

Claire Maloney is another student worker and graduating senior. She is a journalism major and worked for ITS Communications for one year.

“It was really nice to be on the student communications team as a journalism student because I got hands-on experience interviewing and writing articles,” Claire said.

Claire chose to work at ITS as her last internship before she graduated because of the relevant professional experience she could gain.

She said her favorite project was working on an article about the Carolina Gaming Arena, which was originally scheduled to open in the spring 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was one of my first projects when I got to ITS,” Claire said, “and it was really interesting researching to see what other universities were doing.”

Preparing students for the future

Isabella Gonzalez, Jacob Saunders and Claire Maloney
ITS Communications student workers Isabella Gonzalez, Jacob Saunders and Claire Maloney, in the ITS Franklin courtyard in June 2019

As Claire heads to Emory Law School in the fall, she will bring skills she gained working at ITS with her.

“I have had to write more formally as the University’s voice, which will help me a lot in law school because it’s different from typical journalism,” Claire said.

Jacob Saunders also worked on the ITS Communications student team, from May to December 2019. He played a crucial role in helping communicate the transition from to LinkedIn Learning and creating social media content for ITS.

Jacob said the professional experiences he gained at ITS were useful when he started working in January as a content associate for Three Ships Marketing.

In his goodbye letter to ITS last December, he wrote, “I feel confident and prepared to take on this next step in my professional career, and that is all thanks to the people at ITS … While my time at ITS might be over, I will never forget the wonderful experience it provided me.”

The impact that Anthony, Claire and Jacob and other student workers made on ITS will long outlive their time at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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