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Theresa Silsby
Theresa Silsby

Theresa Silsby, Director of the ITS Business Systems Help Desk, has been elected to serve as a delegate to the Employee Forum.

Silsby will be sworn in — via Zoom — on May 6 as she begins serving her two-year term with the Employee Forum. She said she is honored by the opportunity to serve the advisory body to the Chancellor.

“I have always considered myself as a liaison or customer advocate when it comes to the customers who I have supported over the years here,” she said. “I have also developed some great relationships across campus and am known for my problem solving.” Silsby said she can use that energy to advocate for employees.

As a delegate, Theresa wants to get involved in community projects, such as the annual blood drive. She’s been volunteering at the blood drive for many years. She’s also interested in employee health and wellness, and employee awards programs. “I strongly believe both to be very important to work-life balance,” she said.

Silsby also can add value in the area of personnel matters, she said. “I have worked most of my 25 years at UNC in human resources and systems support. That has afforded me the experience of working with personnel policies and procedures both from a central office and departmental standpoint,” she said.

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