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Editor’s note: Prior to the pandemic, the ITS Communications student team began producing this story about student workers across the ITS organization. This story introduces you to three outstanding ITS student employees. It’s part of a larger campaign that the ITS Communications student team created to highlight the valuable contributions of ITS student employees — whether they’re working on site at ITS or from a distance, as they are during the pandemic.

Meet three of ITS’ many valuable student employees: Rosie Tran, Hunter Jamison and Hasan Asadi.

Rosie Tran
Rosie Tran

Rosie Tran has been a worker at ResNET for the past three years, serving both as a Residential Computing Consultant (RCC) and as a member of the marketing team.

This past summer, Rosie drafted the fair play agreement for the Carolina Gaming Arena, ensuring that all gamers using the space will be treated with dignity and respect. (The scheduled March opening of the arena was delayed by the pandemic.)

Working on the Gaming Arena has been Rosie’s favorite project throughout her time at ITS. “I really liked being able to help with the background things of the Gaming Arena like picking out color schemes and working on different versions of the logo,” Rosie said.

Rosie said working as an RCC for ResNET has helped her gain invaluable customer service experience that will help her when working with Teach for America after she graduates in May.

“Being able to educate clients on different devices or how to connect to the network requires a lot of patience that I’ll need in the classroom,” Rosie said.

Hunter Jamison on the job for ITS' Networking unit
Hunter Jamison surveys wireless connections at the Student Union in January for ITS’ Networking unit

Senior Hunter Jamison is another ResNET student worker. Additionally, Hunter works for the Networking unit within ITS Communication Technologies.

For ResNET, Hunter is a Senior Residential Computing Consultant tasked who oversees a team of 15 RCCs. Hunter is also a student consultant for the Carolina Gaming Arena.

Hunter joined ResNET Assistant Director Christina Riegel as an esports panelist at the ED Games Expo in January.

Invaluable professional experience

Hunter’s third job is working as Networking’s only student employee surveying and moving wireless access points.

Hunter passed the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification exam in 2018, which boosted his networking knowledge to an administrative level.

Hunter said that through his jobs at ITS he has gained experience in leadership and customer service that will prepare him for the working world.

Hasan Asadi
Hasan Asadi

Information Security’s Hasan Asadi is another standout ITS student employee. Hasan has worked on a plethora of projects, including the one-year Onyen password initiative and an effort toward a password management system.

While he has worked at ITS for almost three years, Hasan’s favorite project is the first one he was assigned. Creating a security scanning website on his own taught him to make the most of the valuable opportunities that ITS offers, Hasan said.

Looking at the bigger picture

“The work we do makes an impact on a larger scale. In previous jobs, the work I would do helped one person,” Hasan said. But because ITS oversees the creation and management of most IT policies across the University “one small change has an impact over the University.”

ITS, Hasan said, has provided him with real-world work opportunities he will bring with him when he enters the workforce.

Student workers like Rosie, Hunter and Hasan set the bar high, and make ITS an innovative and uplifting place to work.

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