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UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff and students have taken advantage of Zoom video conferencing since the technology became available campus wide in August 2018.

Suzanne Cadwell
Suzanne Cadwell

During the 2018-2019 fiscal year, more than 8,000 unique users hosted in excess of 50,000 Zoom meetings with over 13 million participants.

“I don’t recall another technology I’ve worked with during the past two decades that has been so rapidly adopted into routine use by faculty, staff and students,” said Suzanne Cadwell, the project manager of the Zoom video conferencing rollout and Director of ITS Teaching & Learning.

While Cadwell found the usage statistics impressive, she also observed that the most regular users of Zoom meetings are faculty hosting online course meetings and office hours.

“Again and again, I hear from users that Zoom is ‘easy to use’ and ‘just works,’” Cadwell said.

The project also included other campus units outside of ITS, including the Gillings School of Public Health.

“Working with other campus units to implement Zoom at Carolina has been crucial to the project’s success,” Cadwell said.



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