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Pervasive wireless equipment on the ceiling of a Kenan Stadium Concourse
ITS finished adding Wi-Fi coverage in the Kenan Stadium Concourse in August.

ITS Communication Technologies has wrapped up a 3.5-year project to provide pervasive wireless coverage within all remaining campus buildings.

When ITS launched the project in 2014, less than 35 percent of campus within-building space had appropriate Wi-Fi coverage. In this significant effort, ITS deployed new cabling throughout most buildings and more than 4,000 new access points.

ITS first upgraded general-purpose classrooms to ensure good Wi-Fi coverage. Three years later the equipment was not obsolete. However, ITS wants to keep the best-performing and latest technology in the large lecture halls that seat 200-plus students. In those classrooms, most students bring with them at least two Wi-Fi-hungry devices, meaning some 400 devices can be simultaneously demanding wireless access.

For that reason, Communication Technologies again began installing new technology and access points in the largest classrooms during the 2017 summer break. Before the start of the Fall 2017 semester, ITS had upgraded 64 access points and finished the uplift for large classrooms.








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