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Hands of a CRC technician repair a Dell computerThe ITS Computer Repair Center is now certified to repair Dell computers.

Through an agreement with Dell, the Computer Repair Center (CRC) is certified — for the first time — to repair devices made by three manufacturers.

The CRC became certified in March and began repairing Dell machines for Orange County Schools in April, said Peter Bolish, CRC Manager.

Dell joins list of Apple and Lenovo

Previously, the center handled repairs only for Apple and Lenovo Think-branded desktops, laptops and monitors under the manufacturers’ warranty terms of service. The CRC also provides out-of-warranty computer hardware repair services for these same computer models for a fee.

The CRC, which is completely receipt supported and whose primary responsibility is to serve the University community, has wanted to meet the requests to offer the Dell repair service; however, it lacked the financial capacity until now.

Orange County Schools enlisted CRC for repairs

Orange County Schools chose Dell as its supplier of computers last fall and then enlisted the CRC to repair its Dell machines.

“We have a great symbiotic relationship with Orange County Schools,” Bolish said. “Just like when we did all their Lenovo repairs, we benefit from the Dell repair work for the district and the district has a reliable local repair facility.”

Orange County Schools’ move to Dell provided the financial sustainability to enable the CRC to offer Dell repair service to the University community.

Dell repair service also offered to campus

Peter Bolish headshot from 2016
Peter Bolish

Working with Dell provides a recognized service opportunity for the University, Bolish said. “In addition to reestablishing our relationship with the Orange County school system, we gain the opportunity to open up this service to the University, which also has a strong Dell presence,” he said. “We now get to offer another viable computer repair service option, which aligns with our mission of commitment, community and customer focus.”

Kenan-Flagler Business School, the Department of Medicine and the School of Information and Library Science are among some of the heavy campus users of Dell devices.

Now that CRC is a Dell-certified center, University users of Dell machines have a convenient on-campus location for their repairs. Dell users have a “buzz of excitement,” Bolish said.

Now with the addition of Dell, the CRC can repair all three brands for faculty, staff and students at UNC-Chapel Hill.










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