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Paul Lamontagne, CTC president
Paul Lamontagne

This month Carolina Technology Consultants (CTC) selected Paul Lamontagne to serve as the organization’s 2017-2018 president.

Lamontagne, who has worked for UNC-Chapel Hill for eight years, is the Audio Video Technician for the College of Arts & Sciences (OASIS). His primary role is to install new technology in rooms and maintain them.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in communication, with a minor in Japanese, from the University of Colorado Boulder. A native of Massachusetts, Lamontagne lives in Chatham County.

ITS News asked CTC’s new president to tell us more about himself and his plans for the organization.

Please share a few personal tidbits about yourself.

I have been married for 15 years to my wife, Nancy, and have two Boston Terrier dogs, Baxter and Keegan. I was in the Air Force for four years. I am a Persian Gulf War veteran with a National Defense Service Medal.

What are your goals as president?

I would like to get the CTC better organized, visible and out providing not only new technology trend information for campus IT professionals, but also to continue with more social events.

How long have you been involved in CTC?

One year. Last year I was on the CTC Board and also was the CTC Award Committee Chairperson.

Why are you involved in CTC?

I really enjoy it. I like socializing and expanding my work area with my technology peers on campus. We also have a very active and social group of CTC board members this year.

What should attendees expect from this year’s BarCamp?

BarCamp, which will be held in May, is a really fun event to socialize and talk about new technology trends in a low-key atmosphere. I encourage people to get out and meet new people who work on campus. Once you get to know a lot of people on campus, it really makes one’s job easier and more enjoyable. We’ll share details about the 2017 BarCamp later this week.

Any hints about what you’re planning for the CTC Fall Retreat?

We have not started any formal planning for the Fall Retreat yet. We have only started early brainstorming at this point.

In what ways is the CTC Fall Retreat important to the campus IT community?

I really like that event because most people show up and it is really nice to see people recognized and win a career award. Two years ago I won a CTC Award and I found it really nice to be recognized in front of my peers for the work I do. I enjoy seeing good workers get recognized. The Fall Retreat is really important for our campus community.

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