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In the third post of a Getting to Know series about the ITS Policy Office at UNC-Chapel Hill, IT Policy Facilitator Kim Stahl, who is the entire ITS Policy Office, shares what she is working on and some interesting policy stats and factoids from the office.

If you missed the Q&A with Stahl, read the first post of the series. Also, learn the differences between policy, standard and procedure in the second post.

Kim Stahl

What the ITS Policy Office is working on

  • Writing stuff down
  • Decommissioning, whittling them down
  • Creating policy repositories
  • Prioritizing by starting with the things that really matter
  • Reducing the number of drafts and iterations, but keeping everyone involved

Interesting stats and factoids from the ITS Policy Office

ITS’ longest policy is 37 pages.

The University has 1,600 policies.

The ITS Policy Office’s to-do list takes up four pages of an Excel spreadsheet and covers 60 or so documents.

The University has a policy addressing flying drones on campus.

For more information, please visit the ITS Policies web page.
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