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Tony DeLuca at his desk
Tony DeLuca

On any given day, the Internal Support team within Information Technologies Services’ On Site Support group may work on 30 different Remedy tickets in additional to a variety of projects. The number of tickets sometimes reaches as high as 100 and as low as 20.

Team members Richard Hill, Tony DeLuca and Thad Dodd address an expansive array of issues: setting up devices for new employees and closing out devices for departing staffers; fixing non-functioning monitors, printers, keyboards and adapters; replacing toner; dealing with viruses; installing Web cams; adding memory; setting Outlook permissions; and helping users remote into their computer. Those are just a few examples from recent Remedy tickets.


Always on the go

The trio bounces back and forth from ITS Manning and ITS Franklin and other customer sites all over the UNC-Chapel Hill campus —usually three or four locations in a day, said Hill, a Tech Support Specialist who has worked for ITS since 2006 and full time for the University since 2002. Before that he was a student IT worker at Carolina.

Thad Dodd at desk
Thad Dodd

For critical matters and for the person on-call, sometimes the work day begins at 6 a.m. Sometimes weekend work is necessary.

Hill, DeLuca and Dodd support 451 ITS employees and more than 30 business analysts from other departments. For those people, the Internal Support team maintains and manages 218 laptops, 574 desktops, at least one mobile device per user, 66 printers, one print server and permissions on two storage systems.




Team works on big projects too

These numbers don’t even include the systems in the School of Nursing, for which Internal Support is consulting on a project, or systems in the Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR Project, for which Internal Support

also is consulting, and at least 39 University departments the team is assisting—or more than 50, depending upon how you choose to count departments.

Richard Hill at podium at CTC Retreat
Richard Hill

Some 1,227 accounts are affiliated with this group in some way, shape or form, including student employees, contractors, retirees, affiliates, part-timers, temporaries, vendors and, of course, full-time equivalents. That count does not include individuals’ own devices that they bring to work or systems that are not in Internal Support’s management system, such as systems within the ITS Information Security Office.

“I get to meet all kinds of different people in this department and around campus,” Hill said. “Just different problems every day. I like that a lot.”





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