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2015 NCSAM pit activities
Tim Cline of ITS Security informs students about cyber security, in the Pit on Friday, October 30.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is coming to a close, but you are going to continue to beef up your efforts to protect your digital security and privacy, right?

Throughout October, ITS News has shared tips, resources and insights on ways to protect yourself online. You’ve learned top practices for online safety, tips for keeping your mobile devices secure and ways to protect yourself and the campus from cyber threats.

In addition, our campus experts have taught you why you should use a password manager, how to create passphrases with Diceware as an alternative to passwords, why anti-virus programs aren’t the ultimate solution and how eduroam, the campus’ new primary Wi-Fi network, secures your wireless connection.

Which of these practices or tools will you embrace to boost your own cyber security? Which tips and resources have you shared with family, friends and co-workers? Are you now convinced that each person can take steps to improve our collective digital security and privacy?

Throughout the year, you can refer back to these and other useful tips and resources from ITS News at You also can visit for guidance from the national public awareness campaign that helps to empower Americans to be safer and more secure online.

Remember, we each need to do our part to keep the Internet safe. Be safe out there.

If you missed any of the stories during NCSAM or would like to refer back to them, here are handy links to the individual cyber-security stories that appeared on ITS News during October.

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Creating passphrases with Diceware provides an alternative to passwords

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Protect yourself with a password manager

Securing Wi-Fi with eduroam

Protecting ourselves and the campus from cyber threats

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