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When ResNET expanded its services and added on-site support of the Department of Housing and Residential Education a few years ago, ResNET needed to adopt a way to proactively ensure that technology in the DHRE offices and residence halls functioned properly.

ResNET student employees 2015As a result, ResNET developed a system that generates checklists for its student employees to complete within a given time frame—sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly and occasionally within a semester.

The checklists ask the student employees to verify functionality on a wide range of devices ranging from desktop computers to touch-screen digital signs, from CCI printing stations to HDTVs and collaborative workstations in common areas. The checklists also direct staff members to ask a resident in each occupied room on campus about any technology needs and to educate students about free technology services on campus such as virtual labs and

By-the-numbers: 8,000 + proactive IT-related checklists completed annually in the residence halls

This proactive approach, coupled with a lifecycling schedule for all equipment, enables full-time staff members to address issues before they are reported by the end user. When reactive measures are needed, ResNET staff members meet with clients on-site to address the technology issue, whether it is in the client’s bedroom or a departmental office, taking on around 4,300 additional service calls each year.

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