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Clint Kale, CTC presidentOctober may seem like still a long way out, but Clint Kale, Carolina Technology Consultants’ 2015-2016 president, is in the thick of planning for the group’s big event—the CTC Retreat on October 22.

Kale, who is Coordinator of Information Technology at the School of Education, took the helm of Carolina Technology Consultants (CTC) in June. The Raleigh resident has worked for UNC-Chapel Hill for 16 years. He started upon graduating from the University with a psychology degree.

Kale agreed to share some insights about himself as well as a sneak peek at the CTC Retreat.

How do you spend your free time? Taking care of my two dogs: Dark and Magic; running down the Tobacco Trail, around the Lake Lynne Trail and getting lost in Umstead Park; being a sous-chef to my partner, Dale; and spending an inordinate amount of time reading Netflix title descriptions but not actually watching any of the shows. (Does being the sole-technology consultant for my family and my extended family count for anything?)

How long have you been involved in CTC? I’ve been a member of the CTC listserv community since I started working at UNC-Chapel Hill, thanks to Doug Edmunds’ insistence. (He is Assistant Dean for IT at the UNC School of Law.) Since then, I’ve been to most of the events hosted by the CTC, and in 2014, I joined the Advisory Board.

Why are you involved in CTC? Initially, I got involved for the knowledge base. UNC-Chapel Hill has a lot of talented and intelligent, technically-gifted folks — and when they decide to share something — you better listen. Not only do I get the power of knowledge, but a wonderful sense of community as well. Coming from a small School, it’s great to meet, reconnect with and learn from my colleagues and friends.

If you were to make a 30-second commercial for CTC, what would it say? For nearly 20 years, Carolina Technology Consultants has been providing IT professionals on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus a place to share knowledge and ideas, foster a sense of community among the many arms of this expansive campus and to promote collaboration between them. This grassroots effort is still growing with over 600 members, and we need your voice! Join today by subscribing to our CTC listserv!

What are your goals as CTC president? I plan to carry on the fine and long-standing tradition of making sure the CTC can be the best it can be. To help it continue to grow and assist the many technologists on this campus. The CTC is a powerhouse, and I hope I can do it justice. In line with that, we have some updates in the planning stages for this coming academic year. If things go according to plan, there should be one in September.

You’re busy planning the CTC Retreat for October. What can we expect from this year’s event? The 2015 CTC Retreat will be held on Thursday, October 22 from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Carolina Club. As is the custom, we’re happy to have the IT Awards during the event (I can’t wait to hear the nomination letters!).  The Advisory Board has briefly talked about the format for the event this year, so there could be a shift there — we shall see. We’ll be asking for topic proposals from the community in late September. Susan Kellogg, Jeanne Mesiano and Bil Hays have been working to bring some special guests to this year’s retreat. Kate Hash and Jim Gogan are preparing something special for our closing ceremony. And to help make the event a wee-bit more dynamic, get ready for the CTC Retreat Scavenger Hunt (you’ll want to do this for a chance to win a prize… you’re welcome!). I can’t wait to see you all there!


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