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Matt Heinze provides Project SIR update to ISLThe Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR, is now more than 40 percent deployed, up from 20 percent three weeks ago.

Since the project launched last year to scan, find, delete and/or secure sensitive information on University computers, 2,440 machines have been remediated while users have begun the process on another 7,271 machines.

“While we still have a long way to go, we’re quite pleased with that significant increase. That’s real progress,” said Matt Heinze, ITS Information Security Specialist and Project SIR lead. “Some departments have had some substantial remediation.”

Heinze expects at least 50 percent of work stations and 20 percent of servers to be remediated by May.

ITS is partnering with the entire community campus-wide to provide the tools, procedures and reporting necessary to help data owners discover and remediate all of the sensitive information that they may have or to provide options to secure such information.

You can find more information about Project SIR at

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