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AAssistant Vice Chancellor for IT Infrastructure and CTOs we entered into 2015, you most likely made some resolutions about getting more exercise and eating more healthfully. But did you also set some technology resolutions for yourself?

Stan Waddell, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT Infrastructure and CTO at UNC-Chapel Hill ITS, offers you some practical tech resolutions. For many of us, these resolutions will require less time and steadfastness than the generic goals of losing weight and getting in shape. Give the Waddell 7 a try:


Try a two-factor technology such as Google 2-Step Verification.

 Make a backup of your precious data. Make sure you can retrieve pictures, homework, research, etc. should you experience a hard-drive failure.

Try to take a break from technology. Spend a day, or a few hours if you can’t make it that long, without checking your mobile for updates, tweets and texts. Use that offline time for another purpose.

 Build a professional online networking profile. Give yourself a leg up in the hunt for the post-university job hunt. Get started networking now.

 Do some spring cleaning on your PC. Scrub your computer of old unwanted programs, make sure remaining software is up-to-date and virus free.

 Watch a course on something that interests you.

 Recycle old unwanted electronics for a good cause; just remember to securely erase them first.

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