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Did you know that some 400 campus phone customers have opted to add a feature that enables them to receive audio voicemail messages via email?

True or false: With the new Carolina CloudApps platform, some sites can be set up within two to three minutes? To find out the answer, read the article this month here at ITS News.

In January and February, ITS News will bring you up to speed on these and a variety of other ITS Infrastructure & Operations initiatives.

We’ll take you along for the decade-long journey that individuals within ITS’ mainframe/operations shop navigated to prepare for decommissioning the University’s mainframe computer later this year.

In coming weeks, you also can read about an effort to consolidate virtual storage and servers into a more integrated system that requires less physical space, cabling and power while also better enabling business continuity and disaster recovery.

During January and February, we’ll sprinkle in some videos by our talented student-employee Isabella Bartolucci as well as a few surprise features. Stay tuned.

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